Music Organization Spree

I have been spending a ton of time within the EasyTag program organizing all of my 30GB+ music collection. I’ve done extensive detective work on all of my files and made my collection as accurate as possible including album art for every song. As the name suggests, it has been pretty easy to tag my collection, however, it is time consuming. The CDDB look-up function has helped save some time, but it doesn’t really help for the single, “orphan” songs. So far, I have gotten through about 75% 100% of my collection and when I’m finished it will be it is the cleanest, most complete music library that I know of. My brothers will be envious. The final score: 5340 tracks, totaling 24.2GB after cleaning up about 12GB worth of bad, unwanted music. That’s 1 week and 5 days worth of music.

From Screenshots
From Screenshots

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