How To: Save a Few Seconds on Startup Time in Fedora 8

This one is quite simple.  Disable the network service on all run times in the services menu.  Why?  Because if you’ve ever looked at the details while your computer is starting up, then you’ve noticed that it spends a lot of time figuring out your network connections (both wired and wireless if you’re on a laptop).  It seems contradictory to disable them from the startup, but your network connections will still work when you get to your desktop.  Although I don’t understand it 100% myself, I believe that the Network Manager program is already in control of the networks, so just let it do it’s thing.   Let’s get to it:

1.) Open the sessions manager:

Goto System ->  Administration -> Services.

2.) Ensure that Network Manager is enabled:

In the left panel of the services manager, ensure that there is a check mark placed next to “NetworkManager” and “NetworkManagerDispatcher”.

3.) View all “Runlevel” services:

Click on “Edit Runlevel” and select “runlevel all” or simply press “ctrl+0” on the keyboard.

4.)  Disable the “network” service on all runlevel services.

Ensure that there is no check mark next to the service called “network” on all runlevels.

5.)  Enjoy!

This trick should save you some time on startup like it did for myself.

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  • innovatel
    December 24th, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    When I use fedora 8 it’s to slow…so I change to ubuntu. It’s not the best … … … 🙁

    If I read before this post, I tried the sdolution 🙁

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