How To: Install and Use Calc2LaTeX [Tutorial]

This guide is intended to give a brief, but complete tutorial aimed towards users who enjoy an easy, graphical walk-through on downloading, installing, and using calc2LaTeX to convert a OpenOffice 2.4 Calc spreadsheet to something that LaTeX will recognize.  There’s nothing wrong with creating your tables directly in LaTeX, but sometimes the tables can be quite complicated to code. That’s where calc2LaTeX comes in really handy.  So, let’s get to it…

Download and Unzip

  1. Use the links above to download the file to your harddrive.  Save them in an easy spot to access and remember, like your desktop.
  2. Unzip the file to the same, easy to find, location. Usually, this is just a matter of performing a right-click and select “Unzip Files” or “Extract Here”.


  1. Open OpenOffice Calc.
  2. Navigate to “Organize Macros” by clicking on “Tools” -> “Macros” -> “Organize Macros” -> “OpenOffice.org Basic…”
  3. Click on “Organizer”
  4. Select the “Libraries” tab and then click “Import”
  5. Browse to the location where the original download file was unzipped and select “script.xlb”
  6. That’s it. Accept the defaults and click “OK”.

Using calc2LaTeX

  1. Highlight the columns and rows that you wish to convert into a LaTeX table.
  2. Run the calc2LaTeX macro that you just installed by navigating to “Run Macro” through “Tools” -> “Macros” -> “Run Macro”
  3. In the left pane of the window, drill down to and select the last instance of “Calc2LaTeX” by clicking on “My Macros” -> “Calc2LaTeX” -> “Calc2LaTeX”. In the right pane of the window, highlight “Main” and then click on “Run”.
  4. Here is where you can select all of your options for your table before producing the LaTeX code.
  5. Once you’re finished configuring your options, click on “Convert”. A window will pop up with all of the LaTeX code highlighted and ready for copy/paste into your LaTeX editor.
  6. Congrats! You’re finished! Not much to it, is there?

I hope that this has given you a very quick and thorough guide on how to download, install, and use Calc2LaTeX for OpenOffice 2.4. As you may have noticed, I wrote this guide while using Linux. The steps above should be very similar, if not exactly, the same in a Windows or Mac OSX environment.


Source: http://calc2latex.sourceforge.net/install_oo20/

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