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Why even bother writing a Resume in LaTeX?  I believe that Matthew M. Boedicker summed it up very well:

Writing a resume using LaTeX is preferable to writing it using Microsoft Word, or something similar, for a number of reasons:

  • When printed (as Postscript or PDF), LaTeX has a more polished, professional look than a document produced by a word processor.
  • A resume done in LaTeX will stand out, since most everyone else will use Microsoft Word, and probably the same wizard/template.
  • Convert your LaTeX to PDF, which has free readers for almost any platform, and you are not forcing the recipient to own the proper version of expensive proprietary software to read it.
  • LaTeX gives you complete control over the layout of your document.
  • LaTeX can be converted to a number of different formats.
  • LaTeX itself and many converters, viewers, and add-on packages are free.
  • A resume done with LaTeX (the Computer Modern font anyway) might mark you as a member of the scientific/research/academic community. Depending on the job, it could help your chances.
  • LaTeX is plain text and can be easily version-controlled using CVS or other version control software.
  • LaTeX is flexible. You can use any platform you want, and any editor you want.

So, the purpose of this post is not to introduce anything ground-breaking or new to the world about LaTeX Resumes, but rather lump a bunch of great resources and examples together that I found throughout my research so that it’s easy for others to see!

My Resume has been done in LaTeX as well and it can be found on my homepage or more specifically, here. I found that one nice thing about doing it in LaTeX is that I was able to easily create a scannable txt and html Resume as well! You can see the source .tex file here. I would only hope that you customize it a bit… nobody wants their resume to get lost in the pile because it looks like everyone else!

More Resume Tempates:

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) (There are several here.)

Todd C. Miller

Matthew M. Boedicker

linux.dsplabs.com.au (Great tutorial!)

Andrew McNabb

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