Refreshing /dev Device Nodes in Busybox with ‘mdev -s’

If you’re using the Busybox environment common in embedded linux systems, and you come across a situation where you need to refresh the /dev device nodes, simply use the command ‘mdev -s‘. The description from the Busybox help file states:

Scan /sys and populate /dev during system boot

I ran across this scenario today where I had a USB thumb drive plugged into a Technologic Systems SBC.  I could see that the device node was assigned as /dev/sda1 after the appropriate modules were inserted, but it didn’t appear in the /dev directory until I used mdev -s.  I could then mount it as usual.

I believe the same would be true for typical Linux systems with the udev deamon running in the background, but if the situation did ever come up, I would probably try to simply restart the udev service by using /etc/init.d/udev restart. I haven’t actually come across this situation yet, so obviously, this hasn’t been tested personally.

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