Convert Filesystem from JFS to EXT3 and Keep Data Intact

A common and simple procedure in Linux is to change from one filesystem to another. There are many guides out there that will assist you in doing this. The method shown below is a simple procedure that makes a copy of your files and data, converts the filesystem, and then copies all files and data back again (note: this wouldn’t work on a system that has the kernel, initrd, and filesystem all rolled into one like desktop Linux). Here are some steps that were taken to successfully switch a partition formatted in JFS to EXT3. Keep in mind that this was done on an embedded Linux device that boots from an SD card and then loads the filesystem (distribution) located on the fourth partition (hence the /dev/sdc4 dev node). Verify your device node using fdisk -l and preview the steps and determine if they will work for you before plunging in…

mount -t jfs /dev/sdc4 /mnt/p4
cd /mnt/p4
tar cjvf /myfiles/distro/my_distro_files.tar.bz2 .
rm -rf *
cd ~
umount /dev/sdc4
mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdc4
mount -t ext3 /dev/sdc4 /mnt/p4
cd /mnt/p4
tar xvf /myfiles/distro/my_distro_files.tar.bz2

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