Convert Small Array to Single Variable and Back Again

Here is a method that will allow you to essentially merge elements of an array into a single variable and then back again in c.

unsigned char mac_addr[6];
long long int x;

x = mac_addr[0] << 40;
x |= mac_addr[1] << 32;
x |= mac_addr[2] << 24;
x |= mac_addr[3] << 16;
x |= mac_addr[4] << 8;
x |= mac_addr[5];

mac_addr[0] = x >> 40;
mac_addr[1] = x >> 32;
mac_addr[2] = x >> 24;
mac_addr[3] = x >> 16;
mac_addr[4] = x >> 8;
mac_addr[5] = x;

You could probably take it a step further and throw it into a loop of sorts. If you have another solution, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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