Use perldoc to View Perl Manual/Documentation

Simply put, perldoc is the man page of perl applications. Use it and use it often when dealing with perl utilities. For example:

perldoc open


System::Library::Perl:User.Contributed PeSystem::Library::Perl::5.8.8::open(3)

       open − perl pragma to set default PerlIO layers for input and output

           use open IN  => ":crlf", OUT => ":bytes";
           use open OUT => ’:utf8’;
           use open IO  => ":encoding(iso−8859−7)";

           use open IO  => ’:locale’;

           use open ’:utf8’;
           use open ’:locale’;
           use open ’:encoding(iso−8859−7)’;

           use open ’:std’;

       Full‐fledged support for I/O layers is now implemented provided Perl is
       configured to use PerlIO as its IO system (which is now the default).

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